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Photo Caption: Retallack studmasters Graham and Isabella Grinter, with the top priced ram held by Landmark sheep specialist Rick Power and auctioneers Tim Woodham and Steve Ridley.

2018 Sale - Retallack Border Leicester success at $9500

A commitment to breeding the best Border Leicester rams was affirmed during the 45th annual production sale of Graham and Isabella Grinter, Retallack stud, Ariah Park, when a client who had purchased from Retallack for more than 40 years paid the top price of $9500.

The offering of 26 stud rams realised the top price with 19 selling for a $2724 average while 83 of 124 flock rams sold to $1600 and averaged $1143 and 11 of 26 stud ewes sold to $700 and averaged $609.

In her 102nd year, Mrs Mollie Jeffrey stud principal of Quoin Hill Border Leicesters on Phillip Island in Victoria selected the twin son of All Too Hard out of an Im A Callum daughter for his correct carcass and great hindquarter with a very productive and even fleece.


Landmark stud sheep specialist Rick Power acted for Mrs Jeffrey, and bought two further stud rams at $2500 and $2000 on her behalf.

Volume buyers dominated the flock ram selection with D and A Doyle, Euabalong, purchasing 13 rams including four studs at $2000 each for an overall average of $1507, and Kelly Ag, Euroa, Victoria, bought 20 rams at $1000 apiece.

Talbragar Borders, Leadville, returned to purchase five stud ewes at $600 each.

Stud principal Graham Grinter was very happy with the results given it had been a difficult season for many of his clients.

“People support us and we support them,” he said.

The sale was conducted by Elders and Landmark, Wagga Wagga, with Steve Ridley and Tim Woodham sharing rostrum duties.


In the photo: Top priced rams - Tim Woodham, Landmark, Steve Ridley, Elders, Graham and Isabella Grinter with Matt Prentice, Elders Coonamble and purchaser Pat Cullen, "Dinoa", Coonamble.

Retallack Border Leicesters rams to $10,000

Shantelle Stephens

The 44th annual on-property sale of Graham and Isabella Grinter, Retallack Border Leicesters, Ariah Park saw a top of $10,000.

The 44th annual on-property sale on account Graham and Isabella Grinter, Retallack Border Leicesters, Ariah Park realised a top of $10,000 paid for a spring 2016 drop twin son of Retallack Earthquke when bought by return client Pat Cullen, Diona, Coonamble.

Sale results included 12 stud ewes sold to top $850 for average price $583, 17 stud rams sold to top $10,000 for average $3,544 and 109 flock rams sold to top $1,900 and average $1,198.

The top stud ram caught Mr Cullen's attention for his outstanding figures, correct conformation and because he was a twin.

He has all the characteristics I am looking for; his size, meat traits and weight will fit in well with our breeding program, he said.

Mr Cullen has been breeding first-cross ewes for 20 years, and he normally joins between five- and six-thousand Merino ewes to Border Leicesters bred in his own elite flock.

Having the background of the Retallack Border Leicesters gives me a better opportunity to sell my first-cross ewes, he said.

Mr Cullen also purchased the second top priced stud ram at $6,000.

Other good sales of stud rams included one at $5,000 bought by S. R and F Hazelwood, Pleasant View, Whitton and one also at $5,000 purchased by R. F and J. T Allen, Barnawartha, Victoria.

Volume buyers of flock rams included first time buyers Mick Findlay, Arthella, Cooma who bought 17 rams to top of $1,500 and average price $1,247.

Mr Findlay runs up to 4,000 Merino ewes and normally joined 1,500 Merino ewes to White Suffolks; but had a clean out of his rams last year and decided to move to Border Leicesters and breed first-cross ewes.

We looked at all the top ranking flock rams and hoped to buy within our limit, Mr Findlay said.

We were also looking at those rams who were either a twin or triplet for their fertility.

Return clients, E. J & Sons Merriman, Humewood, Yass brought nine rams to top of $1,700 and average price $1,556 and Daly Family Trust, Ungarie who brought six rams to top of $1,600 and average of $1,317.

Other volume buyers of flock rams included Martin Gaynor, Guyra who bought six at top $1,400 and average $1,267 and Brian Anderson, Sylvia Vale, Binda who purchased six rams to top of $1,200.

There was strong interest for the stud ewes on offer with Ben Simmons, Talbragar Borders, Leadville who purchased five to top of $850, while Mutton Family Trust, Tarcutta also bought five ewes but for $500 average price.

The sale was conducted by Elders and Landmark, with Steve Ridley and Tim Woodham taking the bids.


Graham Grinter, Ben and George Simmons, Talbragar Borders, Leadville and Isabella Grinter, Retallack Borders.

Border rams top at $12,500 for Retallack at 43rd on-property production sale - 24TH OCTOBER, 2017

Offering 162 quality stock for their 44th on property production sale at Retallack Border Leicesters, Ariah Park, Graham and Isabella Grinter saw a top price of $12,500 recorded for an overall sale average of all lots sold of $1673.25.

Individual sale results:

  • 24/24 stud rams to $12,500 and average $3206.25
  • 14/14 stud ewes to $3000 and average $1178.57
  • 76/107 flock rams to $2100 and average $1280.26

Stud co-principal, Isabella Grinter, said she and Graham were pleased with the support shown for the top end of the offering and especially for the stud ewes.

The prices for our ewes was very pleasing and it recognises breeders are supporting our genetic depth, Mrs Grinter said.

Top priced ram, a twin son of Earth Quake was bought by Ben, Daniel and Matthew Simmons, Talbragar Borders, Koolyn, Leadville.

Ben Simmons said he had been immediately attracted to the ram when he saw it in the paddock three weeks ago.

He is an 'eye-catching' ram, Mr Simmons said.

He walks exceptionally well, is structurally correct and has an excellent carcase.

Mr Simmons said the ram's StockScan figures placed him at the top of the offering.

Top-priced stud ewe, a daughter of Heza Callum with an impressive show record in 2017, was purchased by Des Campbell, Avoca Border Leicesters, Gulgong.

He had seen the ewe in May during the state Sheep Show and Sale at Dubbo and returned to Retallack to purchase more ewes.

I liked her stretch and style and she stands well with tremendous femininity, Mr Campbell said.

The Retallack sheep have great style and are very productive.

Top priced flock ram at $2100 was paid five times; one to Binda Holdings Pty Ltd, Binda, one to Tolldale Gunning, one to P. L. and G. L. Lieschke, Walla Walla, and two to G. and D. Allan, Moama.

The sale was conducted by Elders and Landmark with Rick Power and Peter Godbolt (Landmark) and Steve Ridley (Elders) sharing the auctioneering.



42nd Retallack Border Leicesters on-property production sale - 7th February, 2017

Retallack buoyant sales continue.

Landmark auctioneer Peter Godbolt in full flight selling Retallack rams,
with Ray Attwell, Rick Power, and Joe Wilks spotting bids while
Retallack principals Graham and Isabella Grinter display rams.

Retallack offered 20 stud ewes with 17 clearing for an average price of $491 reaching a top of $650. A complete clearance of 24 stud rams soured to a top of $6000 and recording an average of $2094.

While a large gallery secured quality flock rams to suit their requirements with 75 rams selling from the 120 catalogued averaging $943. The top rams and ewes attracted stud producers from Baradine to Ararat.

David and Carol Jackson, Jackson Border Leicesters, Moyston, Victoria, purchased the top price ram for $6000, a twin by the Ima Callum sire.

A standout in Mr Jacksons opinion the ram was selected for his phenotype.

He had the biggest eye muscle area in the sale, and presented as a faultless sheep that suits of breeding program, Mr Jackson said.

Bred a bit different to our bloodlines, he is an outcross with a great Border Leicester fleece.

Other top prices included a Smokin Up twin brought $3750 selling to West Timbre Pastoral Company, Yeoval.

A Smokin Up twin brought $3750 selling to West Timbre Pastoral Company, Yeoval, and Rod Frohling, Burrumbuttock, secured a Left Handed son for $3500

While Loch Lohmond Border Leicester stud, Baradine, and R Cosgrove, West Charlton, Rockley, both paid $3000 for their selections.

Two Dot Station, Moyston, Victoria, purchased a I'ma Callum daughter the equal top-price ewe for $650.

Glenlee Park Stud, Glenlee, Victoria, purchased the second equal top-price ewe an Exceed and Excell daughter for $650 as well as an Old Timer daughter for $550.

Long-time supporters Simmons Brothers, Talbragor Borders, Leadville, were the volume ewe buyers securing four for a $550 average.

Leading the volume buyers in the rams E.J. Merriman and Son, Ravensworth, Yass, a return client of seven years, purchased 10 rams for an average of $1020.

A Kennedy, Nyngan, purchased eight rams to average $813, and J.W. and R.M. Guthrie, Delegate, bought seven to average $1122.

The strength continued with six purchasers securing drafts five rams.

These included undisclosed Landmark Goulburn client, P and M Burden Mt View, Narrandera, R.J and J Granger, Pine Hill, Gunning, J.R and S.A Cottle, Shirley, Nimmitibell, R.C and Y.E Bennett, Ariah Park, and T.J and K Davidson, Young.

Retallack principal Graham Grinter said he was pleased with the sale. It's good to see buyers able to secure quality drafts of rams to suit their requirements at a price point that is both affordable and fair, Mr Grinter said.

The sale was conducted by agents in conjunction Landmark and Elders with Rick Power, Peter Goldbolt, and Joe Wilks the auctioneers for their respective companies.

41st Retallack Border Leicesters on-property production sale - 25th October, 2016

Top price rams and entourage, Jim Bruce, Elders, Peter Godbolt, Landmark,
Graham Grinter, Curtis Barber, Glenoak BL, Scott Thrift, Elders,
Ben Simmons, Talbragar BL, Isabella Grinter, and Rick Power, Landmark.

Retallack Border Leicesters top at $8500

A buoyant spring, strong ewe prices, and a desire to acquire industry leading genetics made the 41st Retallack Border Leicesters on-property production sale fun in the sun.

Graham and Isabella Grinter and family offered 215 quality lots including 30 stud ewes which sold to $2200 twice for a complete clearance and $833 average.

A complete clearance of 24 stud rams recorded an average of $2990 reaching highs of $8500.

While a competitive market snapped up 146 of the 151 flock rams for an average of $1083.

The quality and quantity of breed leading show stock on offer rightfully attached strong interest from studs.

Retallack 528.15 the Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ram from Canberra Royal 2016 sold to Glenoak Border Leicester Stud, Baroona, Narromine for the top money of $8500.

The Saddle Bag son was selected by the Barber family for his bloodlines particularly of interest was the Maternal bloodline of Quion Hill Pride.

Curtis Barber praised the ram he has length, depth of side, a great head and outlook, and good bone, as well as a finer type wool that fits in with our flock.

Hot on the heels Ben, Daniel and Matthew Simmons, Talbragar Border Leicesters, Koolyn, Leadville, secured the Impact Sire Retallack 377.15 for $8000.

Once again sired by Saddle Bag he won the Interbreed ASBA Scannergram class at Bendigo 2016 and the Objective Measurement class at Sydney Royal 2016.

Ben Simmons described the ram as a big square structurally correct stud sire, with sires head and outlook and a dense heavy fleece.

He is pack full of red meat and has the stock scan figures to prove it.

Talbragar also purchased a second stud ram for $3250 mr Simmons described the exceed and excell son as the best stud ram not in the show team.

While BC Picker, Bedsys Border Leicesters, Hillcreston, Bigga, secured two stud rams paying $4500 for a I'ma Callum son and $3500 for a Double Dipper son.

First time buyers at Retallack Des and Ben Campbell, Avoca Border Leicesters, Avoca, Gulgong, took the tops of the stud ewes paying the top money of $2200 twice.

Taking home the Junior Champion and Reserve Grand Champion ewe from both Canberra and Sydney Royals 2016 in Retallack 372.15 an Exceed and Excell daughter as well as a Left Handed daughter also from the show team.

Taking home six ewes in total Ben Campbell stated we were drawn to the finer type dense wool of the Retallack ewes, which is what our buyers are looking for.

They will complement our flock well and a long structurally sound ewes.

Jack Fardell, Euchareena, lead the volume buyers in the ewes paying to $1500 as he put together a draft of 13 for an average of $754 and added a stud ram for $2500.

Following suite S & F Heazlewood, Whiteford, Tasmania, averaged $717 on six ewes and payed $4000 for a stud ram.

In the flocks CR & ST Harrison, Bridgewater, Victoria, loaded 26 rams for a $977 average paying to $1200.

Ravenshaw Farming, Ravenshaw, Goolgowi, secured 19 rams topping at $1100 for a $926 average.

JW Kelly & Co, Suffolk Vale, Boorowa, won the auction on 16 rams with an average of $967 and a top of $1200.

While Geoff & Diane Allan, Glenavon, Moama, topped at $2000 on the way to averaging $1400 on their 15 rams.

The sale was conducted by Landmark and Elders with Rick Power, Peter Godbolt, and Steve Ridley wielding the gavel for their respective companies.

The Highlights - Retallack Ram Sale


Retallack Border Leicesters top at $8500

"Borders hit a high of $8000 at Retallack" The Land newpaper report


Retallack 33rd On Property Production Sale Held 16th October 2012

An unpredictable Spring day, with storms about the district set the scene for the 33rd On Property Border Leicester sale. Graham's flowers around the sale ring and the display of this year's current show circuit champion ribbons blew in the breeze, making an enjoyable and welcoming sale ring to be in. Well done to the Grinter Family.


  • Stud Ewes & Lambs 19 / 24 sold to top $900.00 and average $410.00
  • Stud Ewes 13 / 27 sold to top $1550.00 and average $604.00
  • Stud Rams 25 / 25 sold to top $8,000.00 and average $2010.00
  • Flock Rams 88 / 151 sold to top $1,300.00 and average $709.00

Overall the sale was a strong result, in keeping with the season. Some Flock Rams still available for Private Sale.

Retallack 32nd On Property Production Sale


Solid Results

Graham & Isabella Grinter did a tremendous job to present their Border Leicester Sheep for their Production Sale with having over 9 inches of rain since the New Year. The Buying Gallery was full of New and loyal supporters and they were not disappointed. Buyers were able to secure their orders with confidence. Rams and Ewes were sold to the Riverina and as Far as Northern NSW.

Michael of GTSM mentioned that it was great to see New Volume Buyers in Attendance. The Sale was conducted in conjunction with the RLA team, which has been well received in the Stud world.


  • 26 Ewes sold to an average of $308.00 Top $500.00
  • 21 Stud Rams sold to an Average of $2,714.00 Top of $8,000.00
  • 87 Flock Rams sold to an Average of $848.00 to a top of $1,400.00

Sale Top: Stud Ram Lot No 51 Retallack 589 Sold for $8,000.00 to Shane Fealy "Overton Park" Oaklands through David Hill Albury.

Volume buyers included Onga pastoral co Muttama, Through RLA Wagga Wagga and Top price Flock Ram Lot 80 was purchased by Pleasant View Past Co from Binda through Landmark Goulburn.

News Flash!!! Australian Record
Top Price Border Leicestor Ram "Retallack 635.10"

Graham & Isabella Grinter were absolutely thrilled with their 31st On Property Stud Sale.

A strong crowd traveled To Ariah park and witnessed an exciting Result. Sale day hit over 50 Registrations. The Crowd were yet
again seated in the Legendary Named Grand Stands of the Past & Present Icons. And Yes this year the Flowers were Yellow.

GTSM Joined forces with RLA (Riverina Livestock Agents) To conduct the Sale. Michael & James again shared the Rostrum supported by Tim, Brendon with Bronwyn and Tony K. in the office and David Pemberton in the Grand Stand with a solid order.

Among the days Highlights was the Australian Record Top Price Border Leicester Ram Lot 54 Retallack 635.10″ which sold for $16,000 to David & Carol Jackson of Jacksons Border Leicester Stud Moyston Vic. Other highlights of the day were the Five Show ewes topping at $1,000 and averaging $850.

Many commented that they had never seen a B L Stud Sale as strong. However many volume buyers were able to secure no's of Flock Rams at the reasonable base price. Insuring that they did not miss out on filling their requirements.


  • 5 Show Ewes topped $1,000.00 averaged $850.00
  • 20 Special Ewes topped at $800.00 and averaged $573.50
  • 25 Ewes with Lambs topped at $800. and averaged $603.00
  • 25 Stud Rams Topped $16,000.00 averaged $4,432.00
  • 79 Flock Rams Topped $1,600.00 Twice and averaged $964.00

Again GTSM would like to thank Graham and Isabella for their faith and support in the new direction of Sales Management. And congratulate them on their continued Success and Leadership of the Industry.


Retallack 32nd On Property Production Sale

HOME_PAGE_02.JPGWith the Australian record-breaking $16000 ram are Retallack Stud owners Graham and Isabella Grinter, buyers David and Carol Jackson from Moyston, Victoria, Michael Glasser from GTSM and Riverina Livestock agents Tim Drum and James Tierney