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Stud History

Retallack Stud Principal, Graham Grinter graduated from Yanco Agricultural High School in 1962, at the age of 14 winning the Sir Samuel McCaughey Award for practical agriculture.

In 1963 he purchased five joined CFA Border Leicester stud ewes from Beanbah stud, "Cowabbie Station", to form the Blequin stud - flock no. 3072.

The following year, with money earnt from shearing Graham purchased a further 10 Beanbah ewes and the ram Beanbah Style and commenced showing sheep for his own stud in 1964 with success. In that year a team from the Blequin stud was exhibited at the Sydney Sheep Show for the first time with six sheep being awarded three seconds and two third placing's in the novice classes.

The Retallack stud (flock no. 3666) was founded by Graham in 1975 with a nucleus of top ewes from Blecquin stud, 30 stud ewes bought from the dispersal of the Donaldson family's Sproules Lagoon stud (based on The Oaks and Kelso bloodlines) and the ram Campaspe BN305-74.

Retallack made a 'big' move during Border Leicester week in 1977 when it selected 100 maiden ewes from top Victorian studs, Terrappee, Campaspe, The Oaks and Fraser along with the ram Terrappee 501-76.


The Campaspe and Terrappee rams have laid down the breeding direction of Retallack's stud flock.

Further stud sires were introduced from Cadell, Blackgate and The Oaks, with rams from the last stud having the greatest influence.

Since its inception, Retallack has had considerable success in the show and sale rings, with Graham' involvement spanning more than 50 years in the industry.

Retallack is today considered one of Australia's leading Border Leicester studs, with sheep and genetics being sold to most states of Australia and overseas to America, UK and Nepal.

Today Retallack sells in excess of 400 flock rams, 200 ewes and 40 stud rams each year along with semen and embryos.

Retallack genetics are more than proving themselves within the stud with a number of other Border Leicester breeders winning broard ribbons at national shows using our genetics.

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Graham Grinter, Retallack Border Leicester Stud is presented with the trophy for champion pen of two rams at the Sydney Royal Easter Show in the early '80s.

Graham and Isabella Grinter with champion Border Leicester ewe and ram, Melbourne Royal 1989.

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